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Hueycrew@ 2:11pm 08-27-2009
Keep up the good work Lisa!!
Betsy@ 3:35pm 08-19-2009
Lisa, you have a great website! Thank you for talking to me on the phone about my new 22 yr. old rescue, I've had him for about a month now and he is coming along! I now have 3 greys and couldn't be happier with my little flock! You are so knowledgable about these birds, I hope to be able to visit the Platinum Parrot one day and meet you in person. Keep up with the good work you do!
wacky for ham@ 2:27pm 08-18-2009
I LOVE your site! Thanks!
JENNIFER@ 10:38pm 08-07-2009
Hi Lisa, I would first like to say that I am so glad I came into your store one day when I was just passing by. I will soon be the proud parront of another CAG. My new baby is coming from Gina. Ive been trying to adopt but nothing is available. I would love to have 2 so maybe one day I can save a life of one our feathered friends out there. Your site is very informative. It will keep me busy until the baby comes home and its always fun to learn something new about the greys. I will come see you for some supplies real soon. Thanks again for being so helpful and friendly when we met. Keep up the grey-t work Jennifer
Cheryl Ahmer@ 4:17pm 08-05-2009
This is my first time visiting your site and found it very informative. Thank you. I am also a first time "parront". I recently received 2 lovely congo african greys from my husband as a gift. They are already extraordinarily loving and very entertaining at 4 months old. Their names are Fergie and Will. Thanks again for the valuable information.
Adina@ 9:26pm 07-17-2009
Thanks for sharing such wonderful stories. It was a very heartwarming read and your parrots sound so lucky to be a part of your life. I hope everyone in your family is safe and healthy. I also have an african grey and a first time african grey owner. Her name is Emma and she is almost 18 months old. I have videos of her on youtube. If you'd like to see them my username is emma9sachi.
Rachel Stevenson@ 11:09am 06-26-2009
Wonderful site Lisa !
Veronica Tetchner@ 5:02am 05-11-2009
Hi Lisa, this is a wonderful site dedicated to Greys. I can't thank you enough for all the help you gave me with Habib. I know that without your help and advice we would never have come this far. He has turned out to be absolutely amazing. Thanks so much for your encouragement and patience, I can honestly say that it was through your positiveness and encouragement that I kept at it and never gave up, which I often felt like doing.
Keep up your excellent work!!!
God Bless

Keep up the excellent work.
Lisa Bono@ 11:08am 05-03-2009
Thank you everyone for the wonderful thoughts, comments and smiles you have brought to me.
Donna Gribben Canada@ 10:47am 05-03-2009
Hi Lisa,
I am still waiting for Charlie the CAF that is still at the breeders getting weaned.
Love this sight sooooooooo much and the information is endless.
Thank you and also for your other sight--The African Grey Forum
donna doyle@ 10:29pm 04-29-2009
I fell in love with "greys"years ago,but could never afford one,raising my 6 children alone,and a miracle presented itself in January,and I now have a precious Grey,he is about 4 years old,and this not human, owned him and poor mikey was abused,birds can only tell you truth,he swore and cried unmercifully for quite some time,he had plucked himself bare,but PROUDLY our little guy is getting a tail and some gray on him,altho I think hes adorable a little white furball,but he is so terrifed of hands,perches swings ladders, it is sad.Will he ever come out of it.It is so cute,he will sit and let me sing to him all day,and never move,he has no taste in singers,will he ever feel our love for him?
kathy hollis@ 8:30pm 04-26-2009
Thanks Lisa for speaking to us at:
Kelly and Ulrich@ 10:29pm 04-25-2009
I guess I haven't been to your website in a while, looks like you seriously upgraded. It's fantastic! You're doing great work. It's been a pleasure and an honor to know you over the years. Say hi to the flock from me and Ulrich!
Clara@ 2:57pm 04-14-2009
Dear Lisa,
I can't believe that I didn't sign your guestbook when I first visited your site.
You are such a knowledgable and sweet person and I am so glad to call you one of my friends.
You have done an excellent job on capturing and displaying good information for not only the African Grey, but for all exotic birds.
I wish nothing but the best for you and your family and I hope that hubby ans on come home safely. XOXO
Julie@ 5:40pm 04-09-2009
I'm hoping this site will prevent other pet owners from going through what my family went through.

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