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Richie@ 12:39pm 03-29-2009
It was great meeting you and hope to be a regular with you,great site good luck. See you next weekend have a great week.
Richie & Gabby
Albert@ 10:23am 03-13-2009
I have one african grey that is about 1 year old and he is just a loud little boy but we all love him and loves to come out and hang with us but the funnest part about this is that he loves to tell people to come here and so he is a very bossy bird. But I would like to say that we all should donate to the alex foundation that is what made me want to get a grey.
Mark Bernstein@ 7:58am 01-12-2009
Lisa, the African grey get together was awesome. My wife and I learned some more about our fids. We look forward to the next one. Thank you
donnanorman@ 1:59am 01-11-2009
i would be very interested in joining your site. i have a african grey that i adopted 4 years ago and i love learning everything about them. thank-you
elaine@ 2:25pm 01-01-2009
Lisa this is great site for a new owner of an cag to keep coming back to, best wishes from me in the U K
Mark Bernstein@ 10:25am 12-31-2008
Lisa, this is a great site thanks for the information
Gini@ 6:50pm 11-20-2008
Super Site, Lisa! I'm going to list it on my website also!
therese sutedja@ 6:12pm 09-28-2008
Hey Lisa, great meeting you. Wish you the best of luck with your new store, I'm sure you will do well. I will set up the bottle brush stand prob on tuesday as I am off that day.
Take care
marty@ 12:16am 09-28-2008
Love this site. good luck best wishes.
colleen@ 2:14pm 09-27-2008
Hi, I just came on here to look at your web site. You have a lot of good information here, especially about African Grays. I actually just met you this past week in your store "The Platinum Parrot". Rocket's blood work came back, and it is all good. Apparently he is just a gray who doesn't chew his toys often enough to wear down his beak. I am trying to entice him to chew more now, with some of the wicker toys that he likes. You have a great web site!
Colleen (whiting, NJ)
jac thomas@ 10:48pm 08-25-2008
I loved the legend. I have a Timneh and a son who was born with a cleft lip and palate. The legend touched me, it so perfectly describes my son, he is beautiful, because his beauty comes from within. Thank you for sharing.
Featherduster@ 4:35am 07-17-2008
Great site, so far!!
Lori Baratta@ 12:08pm 05-27-2008
Hi Lisa,
Congrats on your site. I know a lot of the work that you've done over the years, in educating people and helping the birds themselves and this site is long overdue. Your knowledge and love for these beautiful birds is amazing and your doing a great service by sharing it with the world. Best wishes and many blessings.
Colleen Jones@ 7:21am 05-12-2008
Any thing to do with parrots i visit all the sites and read up as much as i can learn. Thy Dusty.....
Karen@ 11:09am 05-11-2008
I'm very impressed with your new site. Best Wishes

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