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Karen Wingrove@ 11:08pm 04-12-2014
Hi, Lisa - Lovely site. when I can write about Odo (I'm almost there), I'll send you something to post here with a photo.
Amy Dohmen@ 8:18am 08-23-2013
Is this true of " human grade " peanuts as well?
Replied on: 3:19pm 08-27-2013

Hi Amy. Yes, any peanut can contain mold spores. I would opt to find a safer alternative to peanuts of any kind.

Elizabeth@ 5:57am 06-07-2011
I am pleased to find your website, I have a 5 year old african grey, his name is leonard, We have only had him for 3 months, but he has adjusted very well to our home. He is very peculiar about what he eats, I try to offer him a variety of fruits and vegatbles cooked and uncooked but he kinda turns his nose up to them! lol...He loves meat though. I'm not sure how healthy it is to give him meat. His favorite is chicken. He has started to do something very strange in the last 2 weeks; he will go to a corner of his cage and then turn upside down and lie on his back while playing with his feet. The first time I saw him do this I freaked out and slung the cage open to grab him I thought he was dead !!! I just have never seen a bird lie on his back! Well my quick reaction of course scared him and he jumped up letting me know he was ok. He does it alot and well Im still not used to seeing a bird lie on his back on the ground, I don't freak out about it as much. Is this safe for him to do? He knows alot of words, some naughty ones as well, and he talks to my dog sometimes during the day they are home alone. THen there are some days when he doesn't talk at all! He will go like 2 or 3 days where he does nothing. I noticed that when he get nervous he picks at his toes as if he is cleaning under his toe nails. He doesn't like my boyfriend at all either. He is ok with my son but does not do well with my daughter. Well, again, im very happy to find your site. Thank you for all your information and the stories that everyone posts, help relate bird owner to bird owner and be able to compare habits of our birds. Sometimes I wonder is he really sopose to be doing this?
hakan@ 3:48am 04-26-2011
very nice site
Leonard Jumisko@ 8:43am 02-25-2011
I have to thank you for all the great information you have collected on Greys. Our Grey is named Rocky (Rockstar) is what he perfers. Rocky is a great bird very talkative, and loves to make up sentences and whistle, imitate noises. I'm sitting here listening to him go through his morning vocalizations and laughing....they are great companions...Lenn
Janet Durgen@ 3:17pm 02-24-2011
Hi Lisa,
Don't know if you remember me. I had the African Grey, Tanny, for nearly 20 years and lost her shortly after my mom. You wrote me a very kind letter regarding your own experience with such a loss, which I really appreciated. Still don't have a pet and will never forget my "Tan." I will be forced to move in a couple months or so. After that, I'm thinking adopting a Pionus parrot. What do you think? Might be a little less nervous, demanding and easier to take care of than a grey (if I can afford it). I did have one for a short while which I gave away to a wonderful home many years ago. I sooo enjoyed her; she was so easy to please!

Anyway, hoping you are doing well and that your birdies are well and happy.

Take care,
rick bender@ 6:39pm 12-13-2010
I have several questions re:african greys. I have a couple of books, mags and have not found qnything about what temperature a house should be. It is obvious that if my bird is shaking, it might be cold. If it is standing on one foot, it miight be cold. Is there any sure signs, temps. Winter/Summer? Also, we have had Jimmie for almost 2 months. Jimmie LOVES my wife. He tolerates me, mimics a few sounds that I have taught him. My wife can pet him all over, she stays away from his back end, but he will shower with both of us. He steps up for me, but will not allow me to touch him, other than his feet. Are there any books that the readers suggest? Advise? Thanks for ANY help. Rick
Replied on: 6:06pm 01-30-2011

Hi Rick!
please join us on the
There we are able to answer all your questions!

Gary Klepak@ 8:37pm 06-17-2010
Just got my first Congo African Grey this past Saturday. She is 15 weeks old and down to one hand feeding. I have only had her 6 days and she is already talking. Today was "Hello" and at the office today, late, she said "go home". This thankss me away. I thought that they were not supposed to start talking until they were 12-18 months old. I have been working with her since I got her, but this I did not expect. She has been putting togeter some sentences in a human voice, but most of which I could not understand, so I guess she is just practicing. This is a great sight and will be a great reference source for me. Thanks! Gary K.
Joe Izzo@ 8:51am 03-15-2010
Anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first CAG (ROCCO) on 5/6/2010.
Janet Durgen@ 10:51am 12-30-2009
Hello again Lisa,

This is a wonderful site! Just read the story about Graycee.
Mary Ann Davis@ 2:59pm 12-19-2009
Harley is developing new behaviors: for instance; I don't him in his cage, and he has free range in the living room, but now he's starting tear up my magazines, walk around the floor, and walk upstairs to my bedroom. I take him back downstairs & the next morning guess who's back in my room? I woke up in the middle of the night last night and guess who is in my bed. I don't have a clue to what this new behavior is? Usually when he's not in his cage area, or I when he wants to get on my hand he say "come on". I'm just concerned about this new behavior. HelP!
Mary Ann Davis@ 2:52pm 12-19-2009
My Grey's name is Harley!
He was a gift from my son! I have him for 3 yrs. now. When I first received him I had a mid sized dog (red) thefore I kept them seperated for ovious reasons. I came home one day to my surprise Harley had unlocked a door in him cage, a red was standing under the cage eating the food Harley was throwing down to her. Well Red got lost about a year ago, and Harley still calls out to his friend.
Denise DeBlois@ 4:52pm 11-13-2009
Hi Lisa this is a great sight. Thank you so much for all this information. I hope to come and see your store soon. Denise
Suzanne Harmon@ 1:34pm 11-02-2009
I just became the proud parent of a CAG. It might only be temporary because he was found in the parking lot of where I work and I've given him a home while trying to find his owner.
Rxe@ 4:55pm 08-28-2009
hey Lisa, had no idea you had this site as well until i clicked on the signature on forum!! anyways its good site for info, helped to the spammer, well he/she obviously got a thing for birds...our birds have alot more grey matter than them between ears! and keep up the good work with fundraising etc, nxt time you see Dr Pepperburg give her my regards. im a huge follower of her works. catch you on forum.

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