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Karol@ 6:48am 04-20-2008
Hey Lisa,

Great job! What a wonderful site full of great information. Thanks for all of your hard work with this. Sedrick, Bella and Buddy thank you too.
Barb@ 6:28am 04-20-2008
Congratulations! I look forward to reading and learning! I will send the link to Tommy, who is the proud new dad of Bob, who you know about, and Patsy who has been around for a couple of years. I will write more later because today is busy with cooking and cleaning. Happy Passover to all the Jewish birds out there. Don't eat too much motzah!
Deanna@ 6:07am 04-20-2008
Although I don't have birds, I love all animals the same. I love watching Lisa's birds when I come over. I am especially proud of the day that I heard clear as a bell, "Hell-o" and "bye bye" after I got Cochlear Implant surgery. When I wore my hearing aids, I could not understand the birds at all, and had to ask Lisa what they said. This time, I was able to understand the birds very clearly. I can't wait until I get a bird of my own...that is if my cats will be okay with them. :-) I wish Lisa best of luck spreading the news about African Greys. Caring for them should never be taken lightly. It takes work, and dedication.
CatsChair@ 6:27pm 04-19-2008
Your site looks great Lisa!! Good job!

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